About Us

Proven in Production. Supported by Science

HGV is the most-researched, best-optimized, purest plant nutrition formula in the industry, precisely designed to maximize profitability for all growers. Our company was founded by Ron Goldman to provide professional growers with the most optimally formulated plant fertilizers possible at the highest purity and consistency.

Over 30 Years of Superior Plant Nutrition

In 1989, Ron started blending nutrients for his own commercial greenhouse operation. The products we manufacture today were developed through years of research, nutrient solution and tissue testing, and more importantly, actual commercial results. With 47 years of commercial growing experience and over 33 years of nutrient formulation, Ron has made Controlled Environment Agriculture his life’s work.

In 2014, Ron began marketing HGV Nutrients so that other growers could benefit from the same products he had been using for years in his own facilities. At that time, there were few, if any, dry formulations available. The market was flooded with overpriced liquid nutrient lines that were incomplete so that manufacturers could charge exorbitant prices for “additives,” which were simply elements left out of their base formulas. Today, HGV is known among growers as a best-in-class product because of our uncompromising quality control and dedication to results.

Robust Technical Support

Ron is still involved in CEA and still works closely with all of his commercial clients helping them maximize their profits through efficiency. HGV was truly the first dry nutrient line “made by a grower for growers” as well as providing best in class product support.

Manufacturing Excellence

HGV has recently built a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA.

HGV is one of the only fertilizer companies that make every batch on-site using blending equipment that was designed and custom-built just for us. Most companies simply farm out their manufacturing to the lowest cost “toll blender.” They are not involved in the production or quality control of their product or even the sourcing of the raw materials used to make it.

We have over 600,000 cubic feet of climate-controlled storage for all of our raw materials which gives us an advantage in today’s unstable global markets. We have also sourced all of our materials from the same suppliers for over 30 years, which leads to the batch-to-batch consistency as well as stable pricing and continuous supply our customers rely on.