Whether you have a small farm or acres of greenhouse produce, HGV plant nutrients can help increase your yield and quality while lowering cost of production.

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The Simple, Complete Solution to Commercial Growing

HGV Nutrients are the simplest way to successfully and profitably feed your grow—at scale. From the very beginning, HGV has identified sources of overhead that eat away at growers’ profits: unnecessary additives to the nutrient run, and the time it costs to integrate them. Our Base, Growth, and Flowering formulas are all you need, no matter how large your production is.

Successful Growth in Any Growing Media

NFT, DWC, flood and drain systems, rockwool, coir, “soilless” mixes, and even soil—no matter the medium, we have yet to find one in which HGV Nutrients have not performed exceptionally well. We are happy to advise growth strategy on any media you want to use.


All Water Types, All Water Systems

Water quality is a huge factor in nutrient availability, plant health, and the ability to automate feeding and watering. HGV Nutrients have been used to outstanding effect in both soft and hard water environments–but the key is that the grower needs to understand what’s in their water. We can help you not only figure out your water type, but how to adjust it, whether it’s mineral content, alkalinity, the pH of your source water, or filtration.