Make it simple. Make it complete.

Whether you have a small farm or acres of greenhouse produce, HGV’s complete, water-soluble nutrient package can help increase your yield and quality while lowering the cost of production.

For Serious Growers

HGV was made for growers who want to maximize their harvests and manage costs. We use the highest-quality raw materials so you get the best results.

Ready to Scale

Growing with HGV is as simple as it gets, with three formulas to use in your feeding schedule. This simplicity makes your grow easy to scale. All necessary nutrients are included in just two HGV products at a time, depending on your growth stage.

HGV products incorporate EVERYTHING growers need for a complete grow cycle, with no other additives or supplements required.


Used for both vegetative and flowering, at the exact same strength.


Used with Base Formula during the vegetative phase of plant growth.


Used with Base Formula starting on the first day of the flowering phase.

Fertilizer Formulations

There are many ways to grow, but only one best way to grow. Successful growth is about nutrient precision, and HGV is formulated for the correct balance between all the elements. Many elements are antagonistic to one another, meaning that high levels of a particular nutrient in the soil can interfere with the availability and uptake of other nutrients. “Boosters” or “additives” can throw off the delicate balance between each element that has been carefully calculated and proven to provide superior results.

HGV also sources the highest quality raw materials. We have tested every form of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium), as well as secondary and trace elements, and only use what has given the best results time after time in our own commercial facilities.

HGV nutrients can be run at much higher EC levels than many other brands due to the raw materials used to blend them. Our precise nutrient formulas allow for stronger feeding without the risk of burning or damaging your crops.

All HGV products are licensed and registered, which means they have passed stringent testing protocols for metals and other contaminants required by the Department of Agriculture.

We love talking nutrients and we’re always happy to answer questions about our formulas. If you want to know more, let’s connect!