Know Your Grow

Do you know what is in your water? Have you analyzed the nutrient content in your plant tissue? Testing is essential for understanding your water and nutrient suitability.

Recommended Tests


A complete source water test is necessary to understand suitability for cultivation and to know if anything needs to be filtered out prior to adding nutrients.

Base, growth, and flowering formulas from HGV nutrients

Even following a manufacturers recommended amounts, testing after mixing the first time or after changes are made is critical to knowing exactly what you are feeding.

Leaf Tissue

Knowing the elemental levels of healthy leaf tissue of each strain cultivated enables efficient troubleshooting if issues arise.

Testing Labs

Arvum Plant Labs
(707) 509-0256

(602) 273-7248

Wallace Laboratories
(310) 615-0116

Waypoint Analytical
(714) 282-8777

ICL Lab Services
(877) 467-8522

National Testing Laboratories, LTD
(water testing only)
(404) 449-2525